Kitchen Garden

Planting Radishes

Brush Pile Burning Down, April 19, 2019.

Good Friday has been the traditional time to plant potatoes. With weird weather, tradition has been discarded.

Instead, under a clear sky and cool spring temperatures, I re-stacked the burn pile, lit it, cleaned up around the second garden plot and planted radishes in a container.

I’ll get spuds from local farmers instead of growing my own this year.

I planted,


D’Avignon Specialty, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 21 days.
Rudolf Round, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 24 days.

In a week, I’ll plant another crop in the next container until the four containers next to the compost heap are filled with rotating crops for as long as intense heat stays within normal seasonal variation.

Lettuce seeds planted in the ground April 10 germinated and display a carpet of tiny green leaves in the first plot. Nothing else has surfaced.

I inspected the apple trees. Flower buds appear to have survived the Polar Vortex. Tips of the emerging leaves seem discolored, but I don’t know if that’s their normal color. They seem far enough along for a normal May bloom.

The plot with the burn pile will be for kale and something else. As I walk the back yard, carrying tools, seeds and fertilizer during multiple trips from the house, a plan for this year’s garden is being revealed.