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John Norris for All Iowans

John Norris in Solon, Iowa March 17, 2018

I support John Norris as nominee for governor in the June 5 Democratic primary and hope others will too.

Norris has the breadth and depth of experience needed to guide the state through recovery from the governance of Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds. He helped clean up after Branstad as chief of staff for Governor Tom Vilsack. He can do it again.

What needs cleaning up? Norris will balance the budget without mid-year corrections and gimmicks, fix privatization of Medicaid services, review and eliminate excessive tax credits for businesses, fix a failed mental health regionalization that left children behind, support public employee unions, and improve our air and water quality.

The 2018 general election will be less about issues and more about leadership. Because of his skills, qualifications and experience, John Norris is ready to lead all Iowans on his first day in office. Check him out at

Not only was Norris the only gubernatorial candidate to hold an event in the City of Solon this cycle, his campaign strategy is to build a base of support for the general election in communities like ours in rural Iowa. Electing John Norris governor means gaining support in counties the last Democratic gubernatorial candidate couldn’t.

I hope Democrats will consider voting for John Norris, a fifth generation Iowan who spent his life fighting for family farmers and rural Iowans, and is ready to lead our state as governor.

~ Published in the May 3, 2018 edition of the Solon Economist