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Jodi Clemens Announces for Iowa House District 73

Jodi Clemens

(Editor’s Note: Jodi Clemens (D-Springdale) will run as a Democrat for state representative in Iowa House District 73. The filing period for candidates ended March 16 without any other Democrats, so Clemens has a clear path to begin a general election campaign. Following is her announcement press release).

Jodi Clemens, a long-time resident of Springdale, announces her campaign for the Iowa House, seeking to represent House District 73, which covers all of Cedar County, the north-east corner of Johnson County, and the city of Wilton in Muscatine County.

Clemens, a Democrat, is running a campaign based on the Iowa values of compassion, respect, fairness, and community.  Her values translate to progressive stands on the issues.

For her campaign, Clemens has pledged not to take any money from Political Action Committees (PACs). Instead, all donations come from a grassroots effort that is free from corporate influence. Clemens has seen how huge, unfair tax breaks for out-of-state corporations have contributed to economic injustice in Iowa, as budget woes force more Iowans to face hardships with fewer services that could help them.  Clemens has made campaign finance reform a cornerstone of her campaign because money in politics acts as a barrier to our government making progress on all of the other issues.

After working for four years for a nonprofit as a financial advisor and teaching financial literacy classes in local churches for the past decade, Clemens has seen how difficult things have become for so many Iowans.  “I have had to look many people in the eye and let them know they will either need to work longer, or live on less in retirement,” says Clemens. “I see firsthand how many people are struggling to make it until the next paycheck.”  When elected, Clemens pledges to work to help the state craft a budget that reflects Iowa values, helping those in need instead of turning its back on them.

For Clemens, that means better funding for healthcare, especially for those who suffer from mental illness, because, she says, people who suffer should be treated with compassion.

And that means better funding for Kindergarten through college education, because it is through education that the young people in Iowa will find opportunities to improve their lives.

“Our school budgets have been tight and just got a lot tighter,” Clemens says, adding that student success depends on paying teachers a competitive wage and supporting their right to organize.

Clemens is a small business owner and volunteers in her hometown, where she serves on the Board of Directors of the West Branch Community Development Group, as Vice President of her children’s fine arts advocacy program, and as an active member of her church and community. She also co-founded a local non-partisan Indivisible Iowa group and a 100+ Women Who Care chapter.

“I am working to lead with values and issues,” said Clemens. “Question me, challenge me, help me grow as a person and as a leader.”

Facebook: Jodi Clemens for Iowa House District 73
Twitter: @jodi4iowa