Letter to Iowa Senators on the Tax Bill

Woman Writing Letter

(This note on the Tax Reform bill was sent this morning to U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.)

I ask you to vote no on the final tax reform measure being considered by the U.S. Senate this week for these reasons:

As a low wage worker, I don’t see any benefit to me personally or to people like me whose annual income is less than $30,000.

By reducing revenue to the federal government the tax bill will force cuts in areas not covered by the bill. While cuts are needed in defense spending, my concern is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will have to be cut. As a low-wage worker I rely on those programs.

I spoke with my state legislator, a Republican, and he said Iowa is waiting to see what the Congress does to craft 2018 state tax legislation. As you should know, Iowa is failing to generate enough tax revenue to fund programs at reasonable levels. Cuts in revenue based on federal legislation are unneeded tampering in this time of fiscal stress.

Thanks for reading my email.

Regards, Paul

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