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Solon Council is Iowa Nice

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The president of the Gallery Acres West home owners association invited me to attend Wednesday’s city council meeting and I did. I was amazed.

It was amazing that council gave such thoughtful and considerate deliberation to a request by the rural subdivision to hook up to city water.

Running a three-mile water line from Solon to Gallery Acres West would help resolve a public health issue for about 50 residents who have elevated arsenic levels in their drinking water. They have been consuming non-compliant water since 2001 when the Environmental Protection Agency standard for arsenic changed from 50 to 10 parts per million.

The history of this public water system (No. 5282306) and its failure to comply with the arsenic standard is available on line. In 2015 the Iowa Department of Natural Resources threatened legal action over non-compliance. DNR should not back down from enforcing public water system standards in this or any other case.

Whether running a three-mile water line from Solon to Gallery Acres West is a good or fair idea is for others to say. That council is willing to consider this proposal, even though they are under no legal or moral obligation to do so, reflects well on them and the City of Solon.

Wednesday’s council meeting was a living demonstration of what it means to be a good neighbor and Iowa nice.

~ Published in the Nov. 9 edition of the Solon Economist