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No drama, no tax increase, results only

Big Grove Township School #1

There’s a school board election Sept. 12 in the Solon Community School District and I’m pumped! We all should be jazzed if we care about K-12 education.

Like Ahab hunting Leviathan I believe big voter turnout in school board elections is possible. History shows me wrong — in the 2015 school board election only 281 people turned out at the polls. History notwithstanding I encourage people to vote in every election.

Current school board president Dick Schwab was involved with the 2014 general obligation bond voters approved by 71 percent.

“I’m delighted. I couldn’t be happier,” Schwab was quoted in the Iowa City Press Citizen as saying at the time. “We obviously have a lot of work to do; we’re basically on a path to make the district even better and these are resources that will help us do that.”

He was right. We see the physical plant improvements the bond made possible: notably a middle school and the performing arts center. Compare that to this year’s Iowa City Community School District bond proposal and Solon’s bonding process was no drama, no tax increase, results only.

Many of us will miss Dick Schwab when he leaves the school board.

When the filing period for three school board positions closed Aug. 3, Schwab’s name wasn’t among the candidates. The four who did file include current board members Tim Brown and Rick Jedlicka, and Dan Coons and Nichole Pizzini. Presuming the incumbents will be re-elected, Schwab’s open seat is contested.

I believe every voter in the district should learn about Coons and Pizzini, make a reasoned decision, and VOTE. Admittedly not every voter will follow my advice. I also know the Solon community can do better when it comes to voting in school board elections.

~ Published in the Solon Economist Aug. 10, 2017