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Fellow members,

I’m putting together a spring newsletter for inclusion in the June billing.

Less than half the people who live in our association participate in the Facebook or Google Groups, so a newsletter is our chance to reach out to almost everyone.

There are some things that bear repeating each year, and I’ll include them. I also want to try something different this month.

If you have a short bit of news to report related to what’s going on in the association, please forward it to me by Monday afternoon. If you have a question about the association, and it has broader relevance, I’ll include your question (with your name), and address it. Any tidbits of local history would be welcome. I’m looking to post things specific to our subdivision in which everyone would be interested or could learn from. To keep the budget low, I’m planning on a single, one-sided sheet, so let’s fill it up with useful and interesting info.

The reason for the holiday is to honor the men and women who died in military service for our country.

I hope you and yours have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day Weekend.

Regards, Paul

~ Email to our home owners association Google Group sent May 25, 2017