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Some Solon City Election History

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I am glad to see there is a contested race for the Solon city council seat vacated by Mark Krall.

Even though I don’t live within city limits, voter turnout is one measure of the degree to which people participate in the community. A lot of people outside city limits call Solon home and want to see a good participation.

Voter turnout has been sparse for city elections. In 2015, 53 voters turned out with Steve Stange getting 44 votes for mayor, and council candidates Mark Krall and Dale Snipes getting 49 and 44 votes respectively. Both Krall and Snipes resigned midterm and that’s why Solon is having a special election May 30. Since 65 people signed the special election petition, turnout should easily beat 2015.

Record turnout for a Solon city election was 468 voters in 2011. That year there was a loan agreement on the ballot. The city proposed to borrow $1,350,000 to buy and refurbish Brosh Chapel and Community Center and use it as a city hall and community center. The loan agreement was stomped out with 66 percent of voters against it. Cami Rasmussen was elected Mayor that year and Ron Herdliska set a record as the highest vote-getter in Solon history according to the County Auditor. The City of Solon hasn‘t had a special election for city council since the auditor started keeping records in 1977, so this year is of interest to people who follow local politics.

In my experience with the two candidates, Dale Snipes and Lauren Whitehead both seem level headed and community minded. Both have active campaigns which highlight their differences. The special election should be good for the Solon community whether or not one lives within city limits. If you live in city limits, I hope you get out and vote May 30.

~ This letter was published May 18, 2017 in the Solon Economist