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First Weekend of 2017

Seed Catalogues
Seed Catalogues

Temperatures are forecast in the single digits and low teens all weekend — fit weather for beginning the year.

My planned tasks include taking down holiday decorations and meeting with my friend Carmen to discuss a role at her community supported agriculture project this season.

I have a pile to take to our meeting: two seed catalogues and the Practical Farmers of Iowa convention booklet. This will be a year to barter labor for produce.

The year’s primary dynamic will be to conserve expenses and seek alternative ways to generate income. Beginning in 2012 I became more active in the local food movement. I determined that unless I devote more time to producing and marketing local food, it would be difficult to make a living in it.

That said, I hope to maximize production in my garden this year and use weekends to sell extra produce at the town’s farmers market. I had the same idea last year but didn’t get it done. It’s a good idea — turning vegetables and fruit into funds — one I want to put into practice as a sustaining way to generate enough money to pay my garden expenses as a starting point, and pay part of my retirement as an end goal.

If I can get to work this weekend, building a blueprint for this next chapter of my life will become easier.