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Fall Errands

Bangkok Peppers for Seeds
Bangkok Peppers for Seeds

The last day of Thanksgiving weekend found me working in the yard.

Wearing old sneakers, overalls, a sweatshirt and a stocking cap, I tended the list gardeners carry around in memory.

Empty the water hose and bring it inside, fill the bird feeder, adjust the combination windows, take the compost out, inspect the garden.

There should be more kale and Swiss chard if temperatures stay warm.

It started to drizzle so I cut things short — there is always more to do. Rain is forecast in a couple of hours.

Before going inside I harvested some of the last Bangkok peppers. The frost killed the plants. Points of red on stalks with shriveled leaves. I’ll save the seeds for spring.

Saving seeds is where aging gardeners end up. It’s not a bad life. On the contrary, it is life, as good as it gets.

There is a lot to do between now and year’s end — a lot of errands to run.

Here’s hoping to sustain our lives. Midway through life’s seventh decade it seems less about me and more about what we’ll leave behind.