After the Election

Embers of the Burn Pile

Embers of the Burn Pile

On election day co-workers at the home farm and auto supply store asked me about the Clinton – Kaine bumper sticker on my 19 year-old car.

I said it was still a contest and you should vote if you haven’t. Trump could win.

By this morning’s unofficial tally, Trump won both the popular vote and the electoral college. (Popular vote was still being counted when this was written and Hillary won the popular vote). It is unsettling and upsetting.

Identifying where Trump will place priorities is difficult because of the many, and often conflicting things he said during the campaign. Along with the executive branch, the next congress will be controlled by Republicans — for the first time since 1928. Things look bleak as global financial markets took a fall in the wake of Trump’s victory.

In Iowa, Republicans flipped the state senate and will control the executive and legislative branches of government for the next two years. They will have their way with state government empowered by Trump’s stunning Iowa win. What will be their priorities? It is hard to say specifically now that restraint has been removed.

I am recoiling from the national and local results as many others are.

I haven’t changed. The sun will rise in about 90 minutes bringing the new hope inherent in each morning. I will still be standing.

Few people I know like the results of the election but it is less about us and more about our failure to live well in the broad community surrounding us.

The election brought home that in these United States, we are on our own as long as we fail to come together in common cause. Being stronger together is who we are as a species. It is a glowing ember after a firestorm that incinerated conventional wisdom about our society.

Let’s hope it will sustain us through these turbulent times.

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