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A Brief Storm

Fallen Apple Tree Branch
Fallen Apple Tree Branch

A brief storm made a decision for me.

The last branches of the Golden Delicious apple tree blew over in a gust of wind during an intense thunderstorm.

I hoped there would be fruit again but not now, not ever from that tree.

I’ll chain-saw the stump for the fall burn pile, finishing the work time brought.

When I planted six trees on the day of my mother-in-law’s funeral I had no idea about apples. The second Red Delicious tree was the first to go, and the Lodi was felled by another storm. Three trees remain and I know a lot more about apples today.

The storm blew over the row of six-foot cherry tomato plants and some of the hot pepper and kale plants. The cucumber cages were also blown around. I straightened everything as best I could. There was some damage, but not ruinous. The wind exposed a generous crop of slicing tomatoes under the leaves. Here’s hoping everything makes it to maturity.