Moving Plants Outside

Seasoning Seedlings

Seasoning Seedlings

Monday morning I moved the last two trays of tomato seedlings outside.

Since February, seedlings crowded around the windows of our bedroom. Now the race is on to get them in the ground.

Ours is a garden designed to keep expenses low and minimize our carbon footprint. I’d prefer a small greenhouse though we didn’t have resources to make one this year.

Seedlings are coming along well. There are way too many of some varieties and once the garden is established, excess will be given away or sold.

Saturday I planted 26 kale plants — three varieties in two rows. This is a money crop for a food to funds project I am working on for Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility. Like many non-profits, our discretionary funds are limited. We hope to convert kale to cash for projects outside grant specific projects. There is never enough of those funds. Not sure how it will go, but I’m doubling kale production from last year which had everyone in my network who wanted it flush with the green and red leaves.

With the early lettuce harvested, the next crops are spring garlic and onions, turnip leaves, radishes and oregano. Once the tomatoes and peppers are in the ground there will be a sigh of relief and the tenor of late spring will turn to summer.

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