Mogul Rising

Mexican Wolf Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mexican Wolf – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Colin Burnett

As bad as the Ronald Reagan presidency was for middle and low wage earners, a Donald J. Trump presidency could be worse.

Last week’s tit for tat about jobs for West Virginia coal miners is an example of how Reagan’s policies resulted in decimation of an industry, people forgot, and then Trump asserted he could bring those jobs back.

With a peculiar presentism Hillary Clinton became the villain because she spoke the truth about coal mining.

“We’re going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business,” she said.

Clinton walked her statement back while campaigning in West Virginia last week, however, its urgent reality stands: a majority of fossil fuels need to stay in the ground.

Not only is Trump the presumptive Republican nominee for president, there is a path to him becoming president. As progressive Thom Hartmann has said, his campaign should not be taken lightly.

His candidacy strips away everything we thought we knew about how the world works, about how people do things in society. Like a wind of rage blowing throughout the continent, it desiccates the landscape, and sets the stage for an extended and devastating wildfire season in which wage earners would take the brunt of change. The ongoing wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta is emblematic of this.

Trump would be Reagan on steroids and a lot of people wouldn’t mind.

It is time for folks to reduce the attention given to each outrageous statement made in social media or during interviews and speeches, and work to stop the rise of the mogul. It’s time to treat his candidacy less as a source of jokes and more as a threat to an already eroded way of life.

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