When I’m Sixty Four

Tart Cherry Coffee Cake

Tart Cherry Coffee Cake

As my 65th trip around the sun begins, here are some things about where I’m going.

Without good health, family and friends, and a sound financial system, it will be difficult to do much beyond the lot lines where we spend most of our time. I’m lucky to be in good health and working on the rest.

Global warming is a threat to life as we know it, bigger than any other. Individually and collectively we must take action to mitigate the causes of climate change.

The education and empowerment of women ā€” worldwide ā€” is our best hope for creating an environment to protect the common good. As a privileged American it has been tough to recognize the basic truth of this. I’m working on this blind spot and hope to contribute in a meaningful way.

Methods of learning have changed. Reliant more on the Internet for news and information, mine wants review and a course correction. For the first time in years I will develop a learning plan. Not just reading and viewing video, but while living in society as well.

When we first built our home in Big Grove we did a lot of things right. 22 years in, maintenance and improvement delayed due to time and financial resources must be addressed. That means re-activating our garage as a workplace and picking projects to get started. A five year plan to take the as-is situation and convert it to a place where we can live comfortably is in order. That is, assuming we decide to stay here.

Followers of this blog read about food, cooking, gardening, farming, labor, politics and other topics related to nutrition and health in society. There is enough of this work to be a palette from which to paint a future. I plan to do just that in the coming months. I hope readers will keep clicking along with the journey.

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