Weekend Miscellany

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

Bits and pieces of a life surface in the early morning of high summer.

A plastic bag holding brown rice disintegrated in the cupboard, leading to discussions with my spouse about what to do with old food.

The plastic bag was biodegradable, although the expectation was it would last a while longer. Removing the cupboard contents to clean up and reorganize turned up food with expiration dates going back to 2003. The hoarder in me wanted to keep or cook some of it, but best to compost and recycle as we can.

What project did I have with tapioca? Why weren’t there more celebrations for which to bake a box cake, and inadequate festivities to use up two bottles of grenadine syrup? What the hell with the marshmallow fluff? There are answers, but the memories conjured by this project we not so memorable.

Today begins my weekend, which of course, is not free of work. My editor sent me three story ideas and the three-day hiatus from the warehouse is filled with activities already. Not the least of these activities is picking apples, which are getting ripe fast. The first wave will be a big one, with lots of juice and maybe some sauce and apple butter in the works.

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