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On a Murder

Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms

The premeditated killing of an Iowa Children’s Museum employee by a mall security guard in Coralville on Friday will have ripples in the community beyond the current news cycle. It was murder, the very definition of the word.

“In cases like this, where the shooter confesses to premeditated murder, there is a case to be made for capital punishment,” I said.


“I understand you came up as a Quaker, but still,” I replied.

“I can think for myself.”

So too can we all.

Of the people I spoke to about the shooting, only one had been at the mall when shots were fired and was visibly shaken. When there is a murder in an innocuous place—to which most locals have been at one time or another—something changes. Murder becomes personal.

The movie theater gave rain checks to ticket buyers as the mall closed after the shooting—a sign of hope life could return to normal.

There will be a memorial for the victim later this morning at the mall, said the county attorney at a Saturday press conference.

Closure will be a longer time coming.