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Kale Canceled

Fresh Kale
Fresh Kale

Had to have known this was coming from my seed company:

Earlier this season you placed an order with us which included 365.11, Winterbor F1 PKT.  Unfortunately, due to a supply problem we have canceled your order for the item listed.

The operator of the CSA where I worked last summer explained the kale seed problem in more detail:

For the past three years weather conditions around the world have impacted seed supplies.  For the second year there is a shortage of kale seed.  Turns out the big hybrid kale seed suppliers are in Europe and they were all affected by disease.  Fortunately I had ordered and saved seed from my favorite varieties last year.  So for those of you who were secretly happy there might be a shortage of kale it’s not going to happen.

Kale Seeds
Kale Seeds

The seed shortage is only half the problem. Demand for the leafy green vegetable has soared, with many people now including kale in smoothies, soups, casseroles, and salted snacks in the form of kale chips. Luckily I have two packets of kale seeds received as a gift last fall.

Kale was one of the most common green vegetables through the end of the Middle Ages. Because it grow and tastes better after the first frost, there has been plenty of it to go around.

Immediate plans are to look at garden stores to see if there are some packets of seeds available. However, I may have to make do.