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Everyman for Five Days

Fall Colors
Fall Colors

LAKE MACBRIDE—Five consecutive days without home broadband has been challenging. My work relies on being connected.

While taking stock of this dependency, which borders on addiction, unnecessary concerns drop easily from view. Instead there is time to contemplate the 4 a.m. southern cloud formation, bright against a sky sprinkled full of stars.

It has been a chance to catch up with where I’m bound.

With nervous apprehension, I await the cable guy, who’s coming between 8 a.m. and noon.

I have become Everyman.

A killer frost has been delayed. The tomatoes, peppers and kale continue to grow, albeit more slowly. Today’s harvest included some of each.

The Bangkok peppers have been good for dehydrating and making red pepper flakes. More than a year’s worth is inside to be processed.

The deciduous trees have dropped most of the leaves they will this fall, so it is time to mow and mulch them: one last cleanup of our wild-grown yard.

There will be much more to write, but for now, waiting on the cable guy, these few words will have to do.