Into Summer

Flags at Oakland Cemetery

Flags at Oakland Cemetery

LAKE MACBRIDE— Memorial Day is past, and summer will officially be here in 26 days. The spring garden patch is beginning to produce, there will soon be spring garlic, but everything else is running way behind. I blocked out some time to finish the initial planting this week. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates, although with Iowa resignation, we’ll accept and deal with whatever comes.

It is stunningly quiet in Big Grove considering a contested primary election is just a week away. Both parties have choices to make, although the Democratic courthouse races have more meaning. There have been a lot of absentee ballots cast in the county, more than usual. Whoever is organizing that effort will likely reap dividends in a low turnout election. Since I have a filled dance card for the next ten days, we’ll wait and see what happens.

Like a smoldering ember waiting for fuel, in the ashes is consideration of another pivot point for this life. The busy-ness suppresses it, but nonetheless, it is there. There is more to come on that.

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