Earth Day 2014

1970 Earth Day Button
1970 Earth Day Button

LAKE MACBRIDE— Needed rain came yesterday, 0.63 inches according to our local precipitation tracker. Things are greening up, and the exposed soil in the garden looks black and teeming with life. Today is a farm day, and along with soil blocking, I hope to spend time outside when my shift is done, soaking in the results of their recent work.

I don’t have a commemorative post for the 44th anniversary of Earth Day, except to say I am still here working, as are many people around the globe. While few knew what we were talking about in 1970, that’s not the case today. For that I am thankful.

The sticky wicket that is environmental advocacy must continue on Earth Day and every day. The focus should be on clean air and clean water— protecting the commons. Yet finding a fulcrum on which to turn the discussion toward sustainability is elusive as society serves the interests of capital.

Even Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffet are in the game of renewable energy, because its economic viability has been proven, and investment in solar arrays can provide a better return on investment than other parts of the economy. Wealth gets increasingly concentrated in a smaller group of people, and I’m not ready to tackle that problem.

In a little while I’ll drive my beater of a car over to the farm and get the next trays ready for seeding. It’s a lot closer to the earth than I have been— and there is much to be done before my life is done and I return there.

May your days be many and your troubles be few. Happy Earth Day!