A Good Spring Day

Spring is Here

Spring is Here

LAKE MACBRIDE— Word at the legion this morning was a local farmer broke a couple of blades while applying nitrogen, running into some frozen spots in the field. Tractors were out around the county, and if planting season isn’t quite here, some folks are making a go of it, preparing the fields. Tomorrow I hope to turn over a couple of spadefuls to test my garden soil, planting lettuce from seed if the ground can be worked.

A member of the township trustees resigned. An octogenarian, he had been a trustee since 1975— now he’s cutting back on commitments. The fourth generation to live on his nearby farm, his son was recently killed in an auto accident. The son was to take over, but it wasn’t meant to be. I gave him a plaque to recognize his service and we took a photo that didn’t come out so well.

The sheep and lambs were out in the pen at the CSA, a definition of bucolic. I made soil blocks, lining them up in twelve pairs. The person on high tunnel duty came into the germination shed to take seedlings for transplanting. When she left, we talked about current projects and strategies while I worked the soil blocking tool and another planted trays as I made them. The work went quickly, and I bought a bag of last year’s soil mix on credit to use at home.

The afternoon was laundering my warehouse work clothes, and working in the garage. I put soil in seed trays and planted sweet pepper seeds: King Arthur, Lunchbox Orange, and Lipstick. I filled out the tray with a packet of last year’s green bell pepper seeds. Tomorrow will be hot peppers: Serrano del Sol, Conchos Jalapeño and Bangkok hots. Then I will be out of trays.

The radio announcer said lake water remains cold, as the ice cover just melted. There was a report of a deer in Allamakee County that had the first case of chronic wasting disease found in the wild in Iowa.

My story about backyard chickens in town was on the front page of the weekly newspaper when I stopped by the office for a chat.

I never imagined my life would be like this. It’s a good life, so full of people. I want to grab on and hold it, but the grip couldn’t be sustained for very long, even if I figured out how. So instead, I’ll just be thankful for another day in Big Grove.

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