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Germination and Sick of Soup

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

LAKE MACBRIDE— The germination rate of indoor seeds has been 59.3 percent. Seeds leftover from the 2013 season are performing better at 96.3 percent, with a dismal performance of 46.9 percent for 2014 seeds. Not sure of the trouble, however, will start way more than needed in order to ensure there are enough plants for the garden.

The lettuce seeds have done particularly poorly. They are some of the same used at the greenhouse where I work, so the problem must be me— soil and water.

“We are planning to live to be one hundred,” said a friend about she and her partner yesterday. “I’m not sure we will make it, but we are planning for that.”

This was in response to a statement I made that there is a life after the socially accepted retirement age of about 60. In addition to the seven ages of man, we need a eighth lying between ages 60 and 80. She said it should go to one hundred. If one can resolve the issues of this American age, then there may be perquisites. But it runs against social norms in a way that only the most compelling logic could assert such a thing. Just think of all the financial planners who would be out of a job.

As April begins, I know two things. I can’t give up working on a new paradigm and I am sick of winter soup.