Living in the Body Politic

Gardening Books

Gardening Books

LAKE MACBRIDE— This week has been nonstop action from Monday morning until Friday night. I was worn out from all the engagement— so weary, I bumped into a parked car in a parking lot before heading home last night. Sour end to an otherwise positive week.

It is hard to count exact numbers, but I engaged with more than 50 people, not including my sales work at the warehouse. The human contact was welcome, and I dove in.

There were the chores. A township trustee meeting, transfer of the financial records to the new treasurer of my veterans group, writing two press releases for coming speeches, work at the newspaper, the warehouse and the farm— all part and parcel of a week’s work. Groceries were bought, seedlings planted, laundry done and a host of small errands run that together make up the logistics of a life. There was more.

In politics, I met with each of the three people running for state representative in my district. The incumbent, and two challengers who will face each other in a primary. Don’t try to read the tea leaves, as I’m not saying here who I’ll support during the campaign. They are all good men— a bit disappointing they all are men.

I took a friend who is running for county supervisor around my area to introduce him on Friday. We ended up at a local eatery, where we met a few more people. We had a great couple of hours while I carried the clipboard, watching and listening to him work the rooms. He too faces a primary with two others vying for a total of two seats on the board.

If the weeks ahead are like the one just past, before I know it, I will have passed through the this stage of life into the infirmity old age. One resists swimming in the body politic. Partly because we cling to the present— not wanting to let go of what we know and have. Yet we are compelled to engage— to let go of what we hold dear, and enter in with our fellow travelers.

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