Winter is in Retreat

Rules Committee Report

Rules Committee Report

LAKE MACBRIDE— “Temperatures averaged 12.6° or 11.4° below normal while precipitation totaled 1.54 inches or 0.49 inches above normal. This ranks as the 7th coldest and 28th wettest February among 142 years of records. A colder February was last recorded in 1979 and a colder calendar month in December 2000,” wrote State Climatologist Harry Hillaker.

February was cold, but now winter is in full retreat. Temperatures are above freezing, and snow is melting into pools on the driveway. Spring won’t be long.

The inexorable attraction of politics was present at the county Democratic convention in Coralville. More than anything, it was a time to see friends from past political campaigns and to meet new people. Many there know me, although I sensed today more didn’t than did.

Unexpectedly, I signed up as a delegate to the district and state conventions. The delegate slate was ratified early in the day, so I left as lunch was served, having zero interest in the platform discussion.

Dennis Boedeker, a candidate for state house in my district, spoke to the convention in the afternoon. He hasn’t filed his nominating papers, but I expect he will. He and David Johnson, who spoke in the morning, will vie for the Democratic nomination in the June 3 primary election. This is the year for Cedar County to lead the nominating process, so I’m staying in the background. I interviewed Johnson for the newspaper, but wasn’t around when Boedeker made his appearance.

There were three women at a table marked “Ready for Hillary.” I declined to sign up, but took a blank supporter card. Other than that, there was talk about strategies and tactics, gardening and drones, and upcoming events. A busy, friendly day with people I know and respect for the work they do in Iowa politics.

Things could be a lot worse as winter turns to spring, and the promise of tomorrow is a tangible presence in everything.

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