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Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, among many things, I am thankful for the readers of On Our Own. Whether we have met or not, having an audience is an encouragement that provides a sense of validity when I write. So thank you.

Today is a family cooking day in our house and we prepared a special vegetarian menu that will nourish us today and feed us leftovers for days to come. Our family is scattered around the U.S. and we’ll be thinking of them all as we prepare this meal:

Relish tray of pickled vegetables, Kalamata olives, bell pepper, young carrots
Deviled eggs
Cranberry relish
Lentils with carrot
Wild Rice
Baked beans
Sage dressing
Steamed broccoli
Sweet potatoes
Root vegetable stew
Apple crisp
Iced water

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading On Our Own.