Egg Salad

LAKE MACBRIDE— There is an idea about egg salad, but I don’t really know how to make it. Peeling three hard-cooked eggs, I halved them to remove the yolks, and minced the whites finely into a bowl. Two slices of home made dill pickle finely minced, and half of a medium onion, also finely diced went into the bowl.

In a separate bowl, adding to the cooked yolks, a teaspoon of celery seed, half a cup of light salad dressing, and a squeeze of yellow mustard, I stirred thoroughly and added it to the rest of the ingredients, mixing as I went. It’s what I call egg salad, but is it really egg salad?

Call it what one will, spread on two slices of bread, and eaten with an ear of corn on the cob, it made dinner.

I may not know much about egg salad, but know less about the situation in Syria. It sounds really bad, and has for a long time. It is something to refrain from comment until a few people much smarter than me weigh in. The Carter Center weighed in, as did Pope Francis, and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Economist Robert Reich weighed in, even though it is not really his bailiwick. Will wait a while and see who else has something to say.

Let’s hope the U.S. doesn’t end up with egg on our face, because no one seems sure how they might make a meal to sustain a life using that.

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