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Legislators to Tour Lake Macbride

Lake Macbride
Lake Macbride

LAKE MACBRIDE— UPDATE Aug. 2, 2013. Organizers have delayed this event due to scheduling conflicts. Email me if you want a notification of the new date/time.

Lifting the ban on boat motors larger than ten horsepower on Lake Macbride has been a perennial issue in the Iowa legislature. The issue for opponents, including former Iowa state senator Swati Dandekar, has been Iowans can’t afford to own a second motor for their boats to use the lake. It seems a lame reason when there are so many other boating opportunities in the state, and nearby.

The Lake Macbride Conservancy is a group of area property owners that works to conserve Lake Macbride and environs. They have posted about the horsepower restriction on their web site. A neighbor sent this note from them yesterday.

Dear Lake Macbride Friends and Neighbors,

Our local legislators (Senator Dvorsky and Representative Kaufmann), along with members of the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee (Senators Dearden, Zumbach and Seng) will be joining us on Sunday, Aug. 4, for a tour of Lake Macbride.

Our plan is to tour the lake on a single pontoon (boat), starting on the North arm and ending on the South at the U of I Sailing Club dock.  We hope to start the lake tour at about 1:15 p.m. and end at about 3:30 p.m. This tour will be a great opportunity to explain the history of Lake Macbride and describe environmental and safety concerns around the park and lake.  We think it will strengthen our message to these legislators when they see, first hand, the number of individuals who use the lake and the number of different types of crafts employed.

Organizers indicated, “it’d be great to have a good showing of association watercraft use during the tour.”

Our family does not include regular boaters, but supports the efforts of the group.