On Toshi Seeger

SeegerLAKE MACBRIDE— One of the few letters I received from a celebrity was from Toshi Seeger. During the early 1970s, while seeking where to purchase a copy of Pete Seeger’s book, “How to Play the 5-string Banjo,” I sent him a note. She wrote by return mail, “Peter returns your greetings and thanks— he’s off giving benefits and I’m left with six months of mail.” She sent me five copies of the book to use in music lessons. It was an unforgettable act of generosity. Toshi Seeger died this week.

Singout published an obituary which can be read here: Whether you are a fan or not, you should read it. There were not many people like her in our history.

When we talk about the progressive movement in the United States, there is no better example than Toshi Seeger. She will be missed.