Kitchen Garden

Garlic Harvest 2022

Heads of garlic just out of the ground, July 12, 2022.

This year’s garlic crop was a success. I planted 100 cloves and yielded 100 head. It will be enough to seed next year’s crop in October and use in the kitchen until July 2023. The harvest is curing in the garage until the leaves turn brown and dry. After that, I’ll sort and trim them, then store in a cool, dark place until used. The best of the crop will be used as seed.

Growing garlic is a basic part of our kitchen garden. Garlic is also one of our favorite ingredients. The goal for the garden is to produce food to make our kitchen meals interesting throughout the year. Since I began growing garlic a few years ago, it joined tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers, greens and apples as one of the foundational elements of our cuisine.

Because of the space garlic requires to grow, I have no ambition to increase the harvest and sell some of it. In fact, since I began donating excess produce to the local food bank, commercialization of any part of my garden seems unlikely. I’m happy with where I am, which is flush with garlic for the coming year.

2022 garlic crop on my home made curing rack, July 12, 2022.