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No Vacation To Speak Of

Dawn as we enter a drought.

I spent a couple of hours reading in a shaded folding chair in the garage. That will be the extent of our vacation this summer.

The weather was exceptionally nice on Saturday after the heat wave. I could hear chainsaws in the distance where neighbors were continuing derecho clean up. Mid afternoon a pickup truck pulling a trailer laden with logs drove by. There was fishing at the lake, including a raptor flying with its prey during my morning jog.

The reason I was jogging is my bicycle blew an inner tube on Thursday. I had a spare but it won’t take air. I also had spare tires but the bead is cracking on all of them. I plan to upgrade the quality of my tires but that will take a while because of an order backlog. That is, because I don’t want to travel to the COVID hot spot in the county seat, mail orders are backlogged until October.

I haven’t adjusted to retirement forced on me by the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe vacation no longer exists.