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Garlic Harvest 2020

Heads of curing garlic, July 2020.

Planted last October, on July 2 it took about an hour to harvest the crop of 50 head of garlic. It was the biggest garlic harvest we’ve had in our home garden.

The variety comes from my friends Susan and Carmen who in succession, over 25 years, have been growing and selecting seed from the annual crop to produce it. Garlic doesn’t take much more effort than proper planting, weeding, harvesting and curing. The genetics and culture of producing it are everything though.

Garlic Patch in Late April 2020

If everything goes well, I plan to keep the best third of the garlic heads to use for seeding next year’s crop. By doing so I’ll continue the process started so long ago on that nearby farm.

Just so you know, our household doesn’t have any problems with vampires.

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Those are nice-sized heads! I usually let more of my leaves turn brown before harvesting. Is there some reason you harvest while leaves are still mostly green?


Thanks for reading my post. The photo of the cut head is the story. Once the tips of the cloves start to pull away from the stem and the skin forms all the way around each clove it is ready to harvest. The leaves turning brown on the tips is a sign we are getting close, but leaf color not definitive.

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