Kitchen Garden

Garden Time

Pear Blossoms

Some garden plots need weeding, others need digging and planting. The lawn needs mowing for the mulch grass clippings and ground up leaves will make.

I took two days vacation from the home, farm and auto supply store to get some of this done. There are seven full days between now and when I return to tackle spring planting and yard work. Rain is forecast Wednesday. I know what to do today.

This is also the first day of early voting in the June 5 primary. My voting plans are flexible. Voting at the polls on election day is my preference, however, if I happen to be in the county seat I’ll head over to the auditor’s office and vote early. My mind is made up.

Once I mow the front yard, I’ll place political signs for candidates I support near the road for neighbors to see. According to a Des Moines Register article, Iowans don’t mind political signs in a neighbor’s yard.

It doesn’t look like there will be apple blossoms this year. Last year was a big year for apples and recovery often takes two seasons. Will have to make the most of the pear tree which is currently in bloom, and leverage my work at the orchard for fruit.

Sauteed Bok Choy with Lemon

Last night I split bok choy lengthwise and sauteed it in butter and olive oil for a vegetable course. At the end I added lemon juice — too much lemon juice. We puckered up and ate them anyway.

Each year’s trace is unique, and the same. Bok choy is a reminder of spring we get from Carmen’s farm. She grows it in the high tunnel which we leverage when we buy a spring share. Once spring bok choy is finished, we move on to what’s next as Earth orbits the sun.

In the vast expanse of space we make a life six inches from our nose… with dinners at home and days in the garden in a sense of belonging. What else are we to do but live in concert with family, farmers, neighbors and distant energies of governance?

Answering that question is a life’s work — a way of sustaining our lives in a turbulent world.