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Not Quite A Tornado

The rush of summer events is almost too much.

August’s four jobs, combined with kitchen-garden work has been a constant whirl of activity.

The lawn is showing my priority. It is long and tangled — a nesting place for rabbits, birds and other small creatures. It needs mowing, but when?

It has been difficult to make time for non-essential living, so here are some images of what the last week has been.

Burgundy Apples Waiting Precessing into Baked Goods and Cider
Burgundy Apples Waiting Processing into Baked Goods and Cider.
Turk's Turban Squash from the Garden
Turk’s Turban Squash from the Garden
Saturday Breakfast Featuring Eggplant, Turk's Turban Squash and Pickles.
Saturday Breakfast Featuring Eggplant, Turk’s Turban Squash and Pickles.
Burgundy Apples
Burgundy Apples