Le Weekend de la Plantation

Blue Spruce Tree

Blue Spruce Tree

The fields were too wet for planting this week so farmers took on other projects and came to town.

Partly as a result, sales were up at the home, farm and auto supply store.

One of the highlights of working there is listening to narratives about the projects in which people engage. Customers seek specific hardware to meet practical needs in a turbulent world.

For a lot of customers, coming to town is fun and it rubs off.

This weekend’s project in Big Grove is planting two plots in the garden.

You’d think that with seeds and seedlings in the bedroom since February I’d have more of a layout for the crops. I’m working a 9 by 19 foot plot first, having turned it before the rains and applied compost this morning. A long row of kale will go in for sure. After that, I’m not sure. As I condition the soil with a hoe and rake there’s more time for consideration.

If my plan for growing seedlings was that of an experienced gardener, how I execute the actual space will be the work of an artist. As long as some vegetables are produced, I’ll enjoy gardening while I may.

Note to self: get the weeds suppressed today.

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