Garden Log 2014-06-21



LAKE MACBRIDE— Yesterday was a muddy morning in the garden with dirt getting all over. When a gardener says he is close to the earth, that is it means. Using the hose, I washed off my legs and shoes, and took a shower after processing the vegetables.

I harvested turnip greens for soup stock and this morning there are more than four gallons processing a batch at a time in the water bath. In late July I hope to plant more for fall harvest, and supplemental stock. Considering a cost between $3 and $4 per box at the store, soup stock is money.

Despite the general disaster in the first garden plot, the kale looks nice, and there is spinach between the weeds. The lettuce and arugula grew, but are past picking. The space needs replanting, but it will be a different crop.

The tomatoes look fabulous with luxuriant leaves and many flowers.

Apples are coming along and it will be a small crop.

Four trays of seedlings remain to be planted. As soon as the ground dries out a bit, it shall be done.

Already it is solstice, and the days get shorter from here. It won’t be a great gardening year. It will be good.

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