Off the Net Gardening

Garden Soil

Garden Soil

LAKE MACBRIDE— Farmers are back in the fields after a wet spell. According to today’s hourly forecast, there is a window for planting that lasts until 2 p.m. when scattered thunderstorms are expected.

Suddenly the house is full of greens and soup vegetables, mostly from the CSA— there is plenty to eat. But if planting isn’t done soon, there will be only a slight garden harvest.

After proof reading six late breaking stories for the newspaper, and making soup from last night’s asparagus steaming water and bits of asparagus ends, the rest of the day is mine for the garden.

Turn off the Internet and walk into the garden. That’s how today will be spent.

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  1. That garden soil looks like it was turned with a shovel! You’re a gardener after my own heart. :)


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