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220 East
220 East

LAKE MACBRIDE— This week has been a whirlwind— the action is not finished. Another Climate Reality talk in Independence tonight, followed by a full weekend of warehouse work. In between, there are three newspaper articles to write and the usual proof reading. This not to mention all the home work that needs doing. I should be able to come up for air by Wednesday.

Last night was time with friends in Waterloo, where we attended a double bass concert and my Climate Reality in Iowa talk. Afterward, we went for dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant and talked until way too late. I arrived home near midnight.

The benefit of presenting a talk about climate change is the intellectual process of questions and answers. I leave half of the time for that, and it always proves to be the most rewarding part of the hour. A question came from a woman who said she was getting cynical about all the petitions, and asks to write letters to elected officials— a seemingly futile effort. Don’t give up, I said.

I spent the drive home watching the road, and feeling the energy from that room. There was no trouble sleeping after falling into bed.