Waiting for Spring in Snowfall

Farm to Market

Farm to Market

CEDAR RAPIDS– A light snow is falling and Iowa DOT trucks are spraying a saline solution to make the Lincoln Highway passable. Not that it is really needed. Spring is here, and the snow will provide needed moisture as it melts soon. Any sensible driver will reduce speed and avoid a collision in this hiccup of precipitation– not that there are a lot of those out there.

I’ve been challenged to get seedlings to start. The germination rate has been good, averaging 90 percent with all but one batch of seeds. The problem was getting good light on the trays before I set up the table near the south facing window. Plenty of time to re-plant this season, and if even light is the problem, that can be worked through.

Another difference was the first batch of soil mix was too dense. With batch two I added some vermiculite from a bag I found in the garage. These trays seem to be doing better and the tomato seedlings look pretty good. Time is on my side, for now.

As I write, I’m waiting for the dealership to replace the driver-side seat belt under the Subaru lifetime seat belt warranty. A couple of guys are talking about deer meat, canned salsa, tequila, home bars, sports, California, Hawaii, the ocean, seafood, fresh produce and other idle topics. It’s a “waiting room,” where I’m thankful for the fresh coffee, if not for the loud voices.

A neighbor burned his brush pile last night, reminding me how ready I am to be working outside. I keep telling myself, “it won’t be long.”

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