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Letter to the Solon Economist

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Someone broke the law to leak information about the county’s potential purchase of property with conservation bond money.

In a closed session of the full board of supervisors, with five staff members present, one or more of them broke the trust of being invited by leaking information about property the conservation board was considering for purchase. He or she broke the law.

The news made its way to the Solon Economist last week in the form of a letter written by two grey-haired Iowa City liberals. They made a case against a potential purchase most of us hadn’t heard about. Their biased opinions fill otherwise empty space about this topic. The letter raised questions about how they got their information.

“Someone flagrantly broke the law,” wrote Supervisor Rod Sullivan on his weekly blog. “She or he ought to face consequences. This was not an accidental slip. This was a purposeful, devious violation of the law.”

I’m all for a robust debate of how the county spends our tax dollars. If last week’s letter is true, I question whether buying the property is an appropriate way to spend conservation bond money.

However, I support the rule of law and the leaker should be sought out and receive due process for committing a crime.

Early and illegal notice about conservation fund spending did not benefit public discussion one bit.

~ Published in the Solon Economist on March 15, 2018