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Letter to the Johnson County Supervisors

Woman Writing Letter

Dear Lisa, Mike, Kurt, Janelle and Rod,

Your vote on the acquisition of Dick Schwab’s property will make it easy for me to determine for whom to vote in this year’s June primary and who to support going forward.

I know the property involved better than most and have worked and spent time with Dick there. In my discussions with him he made it clear he would donate the property to what is now the Bur Oak Trust. I don’t know what changed his mind, but it is human to reap a profit and I’m not surprised he seeks a buyer as he makes his exit from Johnson County.

Maybe I misunderstood his intent. I’m human too.

It is not clear what portions of his property are included in this transaction, as I just found out about it in the newspaper tonight. It isn’t clear what exactly is proposed.

The fact is what I know of this property is well developed and does not seem a good use of the limited conservation bond funds set aside. I hope and expect you to vote no on the acquisition of this property using conservation bond money.

I don’t usually weigh in on your activities, but this one is important enough for me to do so.

Good luck with your decision.

Regards, Paul