Work Life

Rush to Winter

Ready to Go

Today begins a long stretch of work shifts on weekdays at the home, farm and auto supply store, and on weekends at the apple orchard — 96 days in a row.

I’m not ready but both jobs help pay bills. Work I have been doing on weekends will get shoved to weeknights and early morning. I’ve been here before. There’s nothing else to do but let go and fall into the rush.

The garden is doing reasonably well and my barter agreement will make work canning tomatoes and freezing bell peppers. Last year it was impossible to keep up with the garden and I lost more tomatoes than we harvested. With sunrise getting later, I’m also losing some of my early morning time outdoors. I’m not complaining. Just figuring out the best way to cope. The expectation is this year will be better than last.

At the end of the rush comes winter and a window for retirement. I reach full retirement age in December and my spouse reaches Medicare age in January. If we successfully negotiate these milestones, signing up for Medicare and Social Security, a financial burden will be lifted and we will be able to breathe easier for a while.

For now, it’s a rush toward familiar butunkown times. Hopefully there will be some fun and accomplishment along the way. Here we go!