Pelicans Left

Fallen Apple Blossom Petals

Pelicans left Lake Macbride this week. They were gone when I drove across Mehaffey Bridge Road on Monday.

Have they depleted the fish stocks and gone to better hunting grounds?

Did they detect something in nature that triggered migration?

I don’t know, but hope they will return in the fall.

Pollination of fruit trees appeared to go well. Apple blossom petals are falling as fruit sets. We enjoyed the flowers for so brief a time. They served their purpose and are transformed by pollinators buzzing through the trees.

Rain began Wednesday and is expected to continue through the weekend. Tomato and lettuce seedlings remain at the greenhouse and the cart of seedlings at home is ready to plant if the ground dries out. I move the cart outside the garage in the morning and back inside as the sun sets. A transient ritual of gardeners who grow their own seedlings. Only a few more weeks and the cart will be re-purposed to other garden tasks.

A sense of transition is palpable as pelicans leave, blossoms are deflowered, and we take next steps on our walk through this season. We smell, touch and look at the wonder of life around us understanding it can’t be held — only lived.