Silhouette on Parched Ground

Silhouette on Parched Ground

LAKE MACBRIDE— It’s 50 degrees at 4:30 a.m. with a slight chance of precipitation around lunchtime. There is a break in the narrative— caesura.

Intense activity with local food producers during recent months engaged me fully. Suddenly, expected, it is over. The pause is welcome. It’s time to reflect, catch up on neglected work and renew efforts to sustain our lives on the Iowa prairie.

Today will be a day of building a to-do list. When the sun rises, it’s outside to cut up the locust tree and fallen limbs from the Sept. 19 storm. The garden gleaning needs completion. The house needs repair. The list builds already. During this pause, there is much to do to prepare for winter, and before long, life will reengage my energy and attention. Already it leaks in. I’ll resist for another hour, and then embrace it again… until the next caesura.

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