Sucking it Up

Montana Woodshed

Montana Woodshed

This week has been tough in politics and it’s only Thursday.

The Republican majority in the Iowa State House powered up their chainsaws to clear cut a forest of progressive initiatives. Governor Branstad has been waiting his whole career to change Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code relating to collective bargaining of public employees. That’s only a part of the rending of what made Iowa a great place to grow up and live.

The confirmation of 45’s cabinet picks proceeded with rancorous success. Attorney General (Feb. 8), State Department (Feb. 1) and  Secretary of Education (Feb. 7) appointments have been confirmed. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to be confirmed next week. To say progressive voters dislike these and other picks is an understatement.

There seems to be little one can do to stop the logging of progressive values. No argument holds firm against the pent-up energy among Republicans in the Iowa legislature and the Congress.

Some of us have nowhere else to go so we’ll have to let limbs fall where they may, suck it up, and renew our efforts toward social and environmental justice. What the leverage points will be aren’t clear today. That said, a free and responsible search for truth and justice will be endemic to the process.

This American institutional destruction cannot stand in perpetuity. Progressives must pay attention, keep their powder dry and be prepared to act when a leverage point reveals itself. That’s a lot different from reacting to every move of craven legislators and plunder monkeys.

Republicans are emboldened by the general election. There is another election in 2018 when voters will either affirm or reject their commitment to the current agenda. I plan to work toward the latter and sharpen my chainsaw.

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