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Heat is Here

I stood outside in early morning darkness where there was a refreshing yet decidedly warm breeze. The overnight low was 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not sure if that’s warm enough to hinder apple production but scientists believe at some point … Continue reading

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Using It Up

The challenge for a gardener is to use or preserve the abundance in a way that makes sense. At the beginning of a gardener’s life-long journey, what that means is not clear. Clarity approaches as our interaction with a kitchen … Continue reading

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At a Potluck Dinner

I sliced fresh cucumbers on the mandolin and dressed them with a mixture of olive oil, homemade apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper for the potluck. Not sure how much to take, I used all the Tasty Jade Asian cucumbers … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Harvest

On a fine summer day conditions were perfect to harvest hay and garlic. My CSA friends recruited volunteers to bring in the garlic and across the county farmers were baling hay in large round and small rectangular bales. On Independence … Continue reading

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Gardening In Between Times

June’s last day marks the beginning of my hiatus from farm work. The orchard’s chief apple officer confirmed they need me in the sales barn this year. My manager emailed me back to set a starting date. Apple season is … Continue reading

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Trail Walking

The garden was muddy making it difficult to plant… so I waited. For exercise I took a walk on the state park trail, 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back… with stops for photos. Although the pace was slow, I … Continue reading

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Kale Harvest and Summer Solstice

I caught a break between thunder storms. Friday I donned my wax jacket and rubber boots and went to the garden to harvest kale in a light drizzle. The leaves were ready to pick and I wanted to get a … Continue reading

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