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Leaning Into What’s Next

The second half of 2018 has been weird. A burden was lifted when Social Security checks began to arrive a year ago. With them came a view that new undertakings were possible, unlike at any time since I returned from … Continue reading

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Fair Redistricting Makes for Fair Elections

The 2018 Midterm elections are over and I’m happy about the outcome. I live in Big Grove Precinct, nestled around Lake Macbride, and here Fred Hubbell beat Kim Reynolds by two votes of 1,107 cast in the governor’s race. Why … Continue reading

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A Place to Write

When we moved to Big Grove in 1993, the lower level of our split foyer home was unfinished. It remains so and may never be other than a storage area for extras from lives past — ours and our deceased … Continue reading

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We don’t have mountains in Iowa. There are only so many cliffs. The idea of a landslide conjures something abstract and usage is mostly related to politics and the hope of a big win in the November general election. Politics … Continue reading

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Hard Road to Winning

My first election campaign spoiled me. I stopped at the Democratic headquarters in Davenport, Iowa in 1964, after paying the bill for my newspaper route, to stuff envelopes during Lyndon Johnson’s re-election campaign. Other campaign workers gave me a campaign … Continue reading

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At Summer’s End

We turned on the T.V. for the first time in a couple of years to watch the weather report. A large storm moved across Iowa at a high rate of speed and despite home computers, mobile devices, and a community … Continue reading

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Newspapers Are Working – So Subscribe

Despite significant decreases in staff and other expenses, many newspapers crank out stories relevant to our daily lives. For example, Jason Clayworth and Brianne Pfannenstiel published a full-page article about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell’s tenure at Younkers in the … Continue reading

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