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Cooking is Inspiration

The folks I hang with in the local food system are focused on product. Is the asparagus ready? What about the rhubarb? When should I plant peppers and tomatoes? How much should we put into a member share? I’m interested … Continue reading

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Spring Hope

It’s been a struggle to get a grip on the presidency of Donald Trump. There’s nothing he’s done to give us hope. Just give me a handle — anything to grasp onto as normal! Nothing. Like many who care about … Continue reading

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Winkling the Week

Sunday afternoon I felt a bit dizzy. I assumed it was the long day, split between two farms, getting tired after making 57 trays of soil blocks. As I placed the last tray of 72 blocks on the table for … Continue reading

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Writing Through

One third of the way into 2017 I’m like the horse that smells hay in the barn. I can’t wait to finish the year, bed down for an evening, and get on to what’s next. When writing about this final … Continue reading

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Defining Community

Each of us defines community through our engagement in society. Whether participation is passive, active, or in between, our lives and how we live them contribute in a meaningful way to how we live with others in a community. Not … Continue reading

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Potatoes Toward Weekend

Rain kept vegetable farmers out of their fields. The rule of thumb is wait four days after a rain for fields to dry. It rained all day yesterday. Equipment is ready, truckloads of seed potatoes wait in bags, and farmers … Continue reading

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Saturday at Home

After a Saint Patrick’s Day meetup with friends in Iowa City I drove home, parked my car in the garage and haven’t moved it since. It was too cold for outside work on Saturday so I stayed in, did laundry, … Continue reading

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