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Technology and Coming of Political Age

The 2000 presidential election was transformative. It came down to Florida as the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the ballot recount on Dec. 9, 2000, 32 days after the general election. The election was even close in nearby Cedar County, Iowa … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate on a Snowy Afternoon

Four and a half inches of snow rests on the driveway waiting to be removed. I like snow and don’t mind shoveling. I’ve gotten better at it since beginning work at the home, farm and auto supply store — a … Continue reading

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Zach Wahls Solon Listening Post

SOLON, Iowa — Snow began to fall about 10 a.m., an hour before the scheduled legislative listening post with our State Senator Zach Wahls. By the time I got to the community center, about three inches of fluff was on … Continue reading

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Freezing Rain and a Green New Deal

Ice turned to mush as rain fell Thursday morning. The surfaces of Lake Macbride and the Coralville Lake appeared to remain frozen as I drove on Mehaffey Bridge Road. When I arrived at the home, farm and auto supply store … Continue reading

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One Year from Presidential Delegate Selection

One of the first things we did after moving to Lake County, Indiana was register to vote. Being a Democrat, I voted for Michael Dukakis in 1988, which was our first general election as Indiana residents. I remember complaining about … Continue reading

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Legislative Priorities – IPERS Edition

This is part of a series about political issues that garner interest, but maybe too much or for the wrong reasons. Main events occurred today at the Iowa State Capitol in the second week of the first session of the … Continue reading

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Stability Should Matter

Between three and four inches of snow fell overnight. It’s still coming down. I have 80 feet of driveway and a shovel to deal with when the sun comes up. The first buckets of salt and sand were emptied yesterday — … Continue reading

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