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Democrats Ready to Unite?

Democratic presidential candidates are roaming the state like a swarm of termites seeking an entry point into an American dream. Thus far, Juli├ín Castro found his way to Solon, although to my knowledge, no one else has. This presidential election … Continue reading

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Trying on T-shirts

It’s been hard to figure if I should campaign for a Democrat for president before the February caucuses or whether I should remain neutral until the last minute to help our Big Grove precinct caucus go more smoothly. Based on … Continue reading

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Addicted to Politics – Three August Things

I often forget myself when talking about politics. My mind enters a narcotized, dreamy, transcendent world where rhetoric and action translate into distraction searching for a reality. In such conversations I articulate long-carried ideas and get them out with others. … Continue reading

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Organizing the Organizers

The Democratic Party seems on the brink of descent into a primal ooze as we now debate political staffers forming unions in campaigns. What’s there to debate? Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg gets the overarching policy right. “Freedom means the ability … Continue reading

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State Auditor Rob Sand Speaks… Briefly

State Auditor Rob Sand spoke at the Zach Wahls birthday fundraiser in rural Johnson County on July 14. He was brief. Sand’s brevity is becoming a feature of his political tenure. Those of us who hear a lot of political … Continue reading

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When to Swallow the Red Pill

Trish Nelson will be returning to the editor’s desk next week. Among things she did while on hiatus was ride a couple days of RAGBRAI, posting this photograph of pies behind empty church pews. The image says something more although … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter and Prejudice Against Women

On Jan. 19, 1976, the day of the Iowa precinct caucuses that started Jimmy Carter on a path from relative obscurity to becoming the Democratic nominee for president, I was in U.S. Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson, S.C. I … Continue reading

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